Digital Pavilion Marketing is a full-service marketing company that works on end to end development. We are your one stop shop for product development, branding & design, video production and marketing and strategy.

Have an idea? Are you currently having a problem with an existing product? Great, we want to help. At DPMNYC, we create products with new and interesting benefits for our customers. Breaking down the process into stages we plan and evaluate the best direction to take. Innovative products are the fuel for growth and expansion, so let our team of experts help you along the way.

Concept Generation | Product Design | Manufacturing

We breathe life into your company by developing branding that advances your message and forms a direct image. Within each phase, we continuously infuse direction from what we’ve learned about your brand, where your brand is currently and where you’d like the brand to go. Whether starting from scratch or tweaking minor flaws, at DPMNYC we’ll help you finish the race.

Identity & Branding | Art Direction | Packaging | Web & Digital Design

We run countless social media campaigns and enjoy working with collaborators to boost community interaction and communication. With plenty of research and expereince we market your product to your key demographic, set goals and go above and beyond what is expected.

Social Media | Copywriting | Market Research | Competition Analysis

We’re at the top of our game, so we essentially do it all. We specialize in engaging viewers and forming connections through writing, shooting and editing video. We’ve got the producer, director, the crew and equipment to boost your content, promote your brand and produce a lasting relationship with your audience. Whatever you may need, we shall provide.

Scripting | Shooting & Editing | Sound | Photography